1309 cases and 14 deaths on 06.30.2022

The Health Agency announces 1,309 new cases with a rising 7-day positivity rate at 6.4% and 14 deaths today. This means that the daily positivity rate is almost 10% in the country and even past that in NCR. NCR accounted for 672 (51.3%) of the national tally.

Quezon City led the pack with 150 cases. Thirteen of the 17 LGUs in NCR had double digits. Those with double digits in Mega Manila were: Makati 91, Manila 75, Parañaque 52, Pasig 46, Mandaluyong 41, Taguig and Pasay 38 each, Las Piñas 29, Caloocan and Marikina 27 each, San Juan 20, Muntinlupa 13 and Valenzuela 11. None of the LGUs in NCR had zero covid.

CALABARZON hits 231 new cases today with Cavite 85, Laguna 47, Rizal 46, Batangas 40 and Quezon Province 13.

Other provinces with double digits were: Bulacan 35, Pampang 25, Bataan 19, Nueva Ecija 16, Iloilo 70, Cebu 30, Cagayan Valley 11, Pangasinan 10.

HUCs (highly urbanized cities) that reported double digits were Davao City 14 and Baguio City 24.

And we have not peaked yet.

781 new cases and 11 deaths and the data for 06.29.2022

The Health Agency announces 781 new cases with a 7-day positivity average up at 6.2%. There are 11 added deaths today.

The NCR owned 47% of the cases for the day, with Quezon City leading with 78 cases. Other LGUs with double digits were: Manila 46, Makati 39, Parañaque 31, Pasig 30, Las Piñas and Muntinlupa 25 each, Mandaluyong and Taguig 22 each, Pasay City 13, Caloocan 12, and Marikina 11. None of the LGUs in NCR had zero covid today.

128 cases were attributed to CALABARZON. Cavite led with 45 cases followed by Laguna 32, Batangas 27, Rizal 22 and Quezon Province 2.

Other provinces/HUCs with double digits today were: Iloilo 49, Pampanga 37, Baguio City 26, Bulacan 24, Cebu 21, and Pangasinan 11.

576 new cases for the low Tuesday, but positivity up at 6.1% on 06.28.2022

The Health Agency announces 576 new cases with 13 added deaths today as the positivity rate jumps to 6.1%. The NCR owned 282 of the cases for the day.

The City of Makati led Mega Manila with 48 cases. This was followed by Quezon City with 47, Manila 39, Parañaque 32, Taguig 23, Mandaluyong and Pasig with 17 each, Pasay City 15, Las Piñas 14 and Muntinlupa 11.

CALABARZON had 94 cases today, with Cavite 34, Rizal 26, Batangas 18 and Laguna 16.

Other provinces and HUCs with double digits were: Bulacan 20, Pampanga 10, Iloilo and Cebu 34 each, Davao City 18, Pangasinan 11.

Zamboanga City saw 7 cases today.

There are 50 new cases of BA.5, BA.4 and BA.2.12.1 announced by the Health Agency as well.

The week in review and the data for 06.27.2022

As the reproduction number and the positivity rates continue to increase in the country, the week of June 20-26, 2022 saw a 53% jump in cases compared to the week of June 13-19, 2022. There were 4,634 new cases (7-day average of 662 cases/day) compared to 3,051 the week prior (436 cases/day). Of the cases added this week, 14 were severe and critical cases at the time of testing. There were a total of 51 deaths added the week of June 20-26 but none of them were recent (or occurred between June 13-26).

Healthcare utilization for the week was 4,034 of 22,251 (18.1%) non-ICU beds compared to the previous week of 4,033 of 22,156 (18.2%) non ICU beds. ICU bed utilization was 391 of 2,628 (14.9%) this week versus 385 of 2,636 (14.6%) from last week. Critical and severe covid admissions is up at 591 vs 554 the week prior.

There were more people that had been fully vaccinated this week as more than 323,000 were added, pushing the coverage for the target population to 78.17%. Individuals with boosters or additional doses remained a paltry 108,945 for the week compared to more than 327,000 boosters given in the previous week. The A2 coverage hardly moved at 77.48% (from a previous 77.47%).

The Health Agency announces 867 new cases today with no deaths. The positivity rate resets to 5.7% today. The NCR, which remains the epicenter of the pandemic had 434 cases today with Quezon City, for the first time breaching the triple digit mark with 103 new cases. This was followed by Manila 55, Makati 44, Parañaque 41, Mandaluyong 32, Las Piñas 31, Pasig 23, Taguig and Muntinlupa with 20 each, Marikina 18, Caloocan City 17 and Pasay City 12. Only Navotas had zero covid today.

In the CALABARZON area, 158 cases were reported with Cavite 51, Laguna 44, Batangas 34, Rizal 26, Quezon Province 3.

Other provinces and HUCs (highly urbanized cities) that saw double digits were: Bulacan 13, Pampanga 19, Iloilo 50, Cebu 35, Davao City 18, and Pangasinan 17.

East Asia in review and the data for 06.26.2022

The Health Agency announces 828 new cases today, as the 7-day positivity rate continues to rise and is now at 4.9%. There are also 11 deaths added today. The NCR accounted for 48% of the total cases with 397 for the epicenter of the country.

Fourteen of the 17 LGUs in NCR reported double digits today with Quezon City leading with 60 cases. Other LGUs with double digits were: Makati 49, Manila 46, Taguig 39, Pasig 34, Parañaque 28, Las Piñas 26, Muntinlupa 19, Valenzuela and Mandaluyong 17 each, Pasay City 15, Caloocan City 14, Marikina 13, San Juan 10. No LGU in NCR had zero covid.

CALABARZON had 158 today with Rizal leading with 51 cases, Cavite 46, Laguna 32, Batangas 16 and Quezon province 3.

Other provinces and HUCs that saw rising cases were: Iloilo 55, Bulacan 33, Cebu 40, Pampanga 15, Cagayan Valley 15, Davao City 12, Puerto Princesa City 15, La Union 7, Aklan 8, Cadiz 9 and South Cotabato 6.


The data for East Asia is a mixed bag. Countries with increasing cases at the beginning of the year like the Philippines and Indonesia and saw large respite after 1 1/2 months are now experiencing a bump up in cases. Other countries like Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan are seeing a decline in their cases. On a per capita (cases per million), Taiwan and Brunei have the highest in this region, with Indonesia and the Philippines on an upswing. As of June 25, 2022, the 7-days average for the Philippines is at 629 new cases/day and is expected to continue rising as the 7-day positivity rate moves up to 4.8% (and will most likely exceed the 5% mark the next week). While the numbers are considered low in the region, note that only the RT-PCR cases are being counted. Those who are diagnosed by rapid antigen tests are not included in the daily case count. Most of the cases in the Philippines are seen in the highly urbanized and congested areas, especially the tourist destinations that are now seeing a rise in cases.

The Health Agency announced last week the confirmation of more than 30 cases of BA.5 on genome sequencing. Omicron is still the dominant variant of concern but several sequences indicate that BA.2.12.1 and BA.5 are being reported in higher frequency.

These sub variants are notable in their neutralization escape potential against vaccination and previous infection with other pre-omicron variants and omicron sub variants. [https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc2206576?fbclid=IwAR0StLGoqB_Ub-5OXBLC81Otz6qvavdT01N48rQeJ42nztqRxaeMrZFHkxY]

The reproduction number is up at 1.53 (+/- 0.05) as of June 20, 2022 and this may continue to rise in the next week or so. This is actually the best time to bring down the Rt because the number of cases are not yet in the four digits. Indonesia is the only country that is ahead of the PH in terms of effective reproduction number.

777 new cases with positivity up at 4.8% on 06.25.2022

The Philippines passed the 3.7M mark as the Health Agency announces 777 new cases today. There were no added deaths but the 7-day positivity rate is another notch up at 4.8%.

The NCR accounted for 45% of today’s numbers with 353 cases. Leading the count in Mega Manila and the whole country was Quezon City with 74 cases today. This was followed by 9 other LGUs with double digits: Manila 52, Makati 39, Pasig 31, Taguig 30, Mandaluyong 25, Pasig 23, Las Piñas 21, Pasay City and Muntinlupa with 13 apiece. Navotas was the only LGU in NCR that had zero covid.

CALABARZON saw 165 cases today with Cavite claiming 62. The other provinces in this region were: Batangas 37, Rizal 32, Laguna 25, and Quezon province 9.

Other provinces that saw double digits today were: Iloilo 41, Cebu 40, Bulacan 15, Pampanga 15, and Nueva Ecija 11.

HUCs (highly urbanized cities) with double digits today were Baguio City 13 and Davao City 11.

The province of Isabela reported 8 new cases today.

770 new cases and 12 deaths for 06.24.2022

The Health Agency announces 770 new cases, a tad up from yesterday’s 712 but with 12 additional deaths today. The NCR owned 373 (48%) of the total cases for the day.

The cases in NCR was led by 10 LGUs that had double digits. Quezon City had a new high of 77 cases followed by Manila and Makati with 52 apiece, Pasig 35, Taguig and Parañaque 34 each, Mandaluyong 24, Las Piñas 15, Muntinlupa and Pasay City with 11 each. NO LGU in NCR had zero covid.

CALABARZON had 137 cases today with Laguna accounting for 42, Cavite 36, Rizal 33, Batangas 19 and Quezon Province 7.

Other provinces with double digits today were: Bulacan 12, Pampanga 12, Iloilo 36, Negros Occidental 11, Cadiz 13, and Cebu 36.

Provinces that saw a rise in cases were: Camarines Sur 5, Cagayan de Oro 7, and Antique 7.

7-day Positivity rate remained at 4.7% but is now 5.3% for NCR.

716 new cases, 11 deaths on 06.23.2022

The Health Agency announces 716 new cases with a 7-day positivity rate up at 4.7% today. There are also 11 added deaths to the announcement.

The National Capital Region accounted for 45% for today’s cases (322) with 10 LGUs reporting double digits. Quezon City led the pack with 62 cases, followed by Manila 47, Pasig 42, Makati 37, Parañaque 23, Taguig 22, Las Piñas 22, Caloocan 19, Marikina 11, and Mandaluyong 10. Only one LGU had zero covid today – Malabon.

CALABARZON saw a dramatic rise in cases with 157 today, broken down as follows: Cavite and Batangas 47, Rizal 33, Laguna 27 and Quezon province 3.

In other areas, Iloilo had 46 cases, Cebu 23, Cagayan 11, Baguio City 14, Davao City 9 and Zamboanga City 7.

593 new cases and 8 deaths on 06.22.2022

The Health Agency announces a 7-day average for positivity rate up at 4.6% today, with 593 new cases and NCR accounting for 304 (52%) of the cases. There are also 8 deaths added today.

There were 9 LGUs in NCR that had double digits, led by Quezon City with 64 cases. The others with double figures were: Manila 44, Makati 43, Parañaque 30, Pasig 24, Mandaluyong 21, Pasay City 20, Las Piñas 17, Taguig City 14. Only Navotas and Pateros had zero covid.

CALABARZON dragged 94 cases today with Cavite 31, Laguna 23, Batangas 20, Rizal 16 and Quezon Province 4.

Other provinces that saw double digits were: Bulacan 17, Pampanga 11, Iloilo 33 (25 city, 8 province), and Cebu 22 (7 city, 12 province, 2 Lapu Lapu City and 1 Mandaue).

Other areas that saw increasing cases were: Davao City with 9 and General Santos with 7.

Positivity rate is up at 4.5% on the low Tuesday for 06.21.2022

The Health Agency announces 409 new cases today with nine (9) added deaths, as the positivity rate continued to climb (as well as the reproduction number).

The National Capital Region accounted for 218 of the cases (53.3%), with 7 LGUs reporting double digits. These were: Quezon City 66, Manila 26, Makati 24, Parañaque 22, Pasig 17, Taguig 15, and Pasay City 13. Only Malabon had zero covid today.

Outside of NCR, the following provinces reported double digits: Cavite 24, Rizal 14, Laguna and Batangas with 10 each, Bulacan 16, Iloilo 18, and Cebu 14.

Other areas that saw a bump up in cases were: Isabela 5, Davao City 7, Pangasinan 7, and South Cotabato 6.

The 7 day positivity rate is on an increase as it moves quickly from 3.8% yesterday to 4.5% today.