No need to apologise

We don’t need to apologize for everything that happens. Oftentimes we end up being too apologetic for moments that we shouldn’t even be sorry for.

Saying no, for example, may be taken offensive by someone who demands a “yes” as a reply. Because we’re afraid to offend a friend or an employee, we give in to a “request” even if we mean saying NO rather bending rules and policies and principles in order to “please” people.

Here are some moments where apologies are not needed:

1. Loving someone

2. Saying no

3. Following your dream

4. Taking time out for yourself and your family

5. Prioritising

6. Ending a toxic relationship

7. Your imperfections

8. Standing your ground

9. Telling the truth

10. Exercising appropriate etiquette at all times

I like number 9 most of all. As Plato puts it, “no one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.”