12 Chapters, 365 Chances


My followers on heavenpurgatoryandhell.blogspot.com asked why I stopped writing.

I never did.

I just moved to a new job that didn’t give me both the luxury of time and freedom to continue to write whatever I wanted to.  But that’s another story altogether.  An interesting one considering the fact that I can write and my stories have the ability to create a paradigm shift in opinion.

But let me focus with one story at a time.

This is not a migration to a new blog.  I’ve decided to keep the theme of this new blog simple by creating daily reminders on the dark humorous side to life, and balance it with a healthy outlook on inspiration and meditation.

I intend to intersperse my life story, and my daily thoughts on what I call Relative Joy.  After all, not all happiness we feel or think about, is truly joyous to all.  As the saying goes, “one man’s medicine is another man’s poison”.

The last entry I shared to the public in my other blog site was in May of 2016.

I did a couple of daily entries on my Facebook wall, thereafter.  I tried social media – Twitter, Instagram, to name a few, – but the limited space did not excite me as much as writing a blog did.

I realised that when I blog, I write from my heart and soul at an issue and share my opinions (good or bad) with the public. I call a spade a spade.  And stand by the principles and facts that I write. No drama. It’s why I miss writing, so badly. It’s so different from just tweeting or updating my status or telling people what’s up.

Last October 2017, it felt good to write a few paragraphs, post-hiatus.

As 2018 unfolds, I’ve thought about what my friends, followers, and yes, readers, say.  To write and publish.

….I have 12 chapters, and 365 chances!

And yes, I’m writing this also for you.

(p.s. I’m blogging on my bed watching the magnificence of Mt Fuji from my bedroom at the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel.  It’s a wonderful feeling to wake up to this view each morning.  It’s awesome at how nature let’s us know the beauty of life.)

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