The stories of their lives…#ICanSeeYourVoice

Saturdays and Sundays on Channel 2 (ABS-CBN).

I’m not sure if a lot of you watch this show. It’s entertaining. It’s amusing. It’s a feel good mystery game show.

The mechanics are:

A guest artist singer who has to guess from 6 contestants who is a singer or who is “sing-tunado” (out of tune). All contestants have a pseudonym.

During the first round, the 6 “singers” provided a photo and short “biographical” sketch to convince the guest singer to pick him or her in the final duet with the singing star. The guest picks who he/she thinks is not a singer. One is eliminated.

In the second round, the remaining 5 lip sync. Guest this time picks 2 who he/she thinks is not a singer. Two are eliminated.

The third round shows more photos and longer biographical sketches of the 3 remaining contestants. Guest eliminates one who he/she thinks is not a singer.

Final round has two left and guest singer has to pick who between the two would he/she believes is the singer. The one not picked “sings” a final song and is eliminated.

The guest singer then does a “duet” with whom he/she picked as the winner. Is the winner a singer or not? You’ll know during the duet.

While the mechanics look simple, the show is actually an entertaining and heart moving one. The six contestants come from all walks of life. Some of them have actually beautiful voices while the others are just kibitzers. Whether they can or can’t sing is not the story of the show. After each contestant is eliminated, their life story is told. Their reason for joining the show is unfolds.

I follow the show not because of the entertainment it provides. It’s not like the slapstick noontime shows like Eat Bulaga that degrade the contestants. This is a wholesome show that elevates the values and reveals the struggles and lives of every ordinary Filipino.

There are even times when it’s host Luis Manzano provides not only comfort but assistance to the contestant after hearing their life stories.

If there’s a show that one should follow, this is one of them. You get to smile, laugh, and appreciate your lives a bit more after the show.

After all, these contestants share with us life’s relative joy.

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