They say we mellow with time.

But time, is a double-bladed sword. While it allows us control over it, it does not let us know that it has passed us by. One day, we wake up to wrinkles, white hair, crows feet, not to mention the chronic diseases that accompany aging.

The mirror on the wall serves as our friend to prompt us about time. The reflection in the mirror reminds us daily if we like the person we see.

Time is also kind, the longer we live on earth, the greater the opportunity it provides us to mend our ways in life before “our time is up”.

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.

Life humbles us as one ages because it shows you what really matters in life.

Take the path to metanoia this New Year and embrace that change, for the better you. I guarantee you will love the reflection you see in the mirror each new day.

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