No time

It’s the most popular excuse.

You ever notice that even as kids, there’s always that excuse? Parents ask why their kids refuse to take solid food. It’s because both parents and children have no time. The caretaker or parent is impatient for the child to finish his/her meal so that he/she can go on with her chores or daily grind. The child also has no time to finish chewing his food because he wants to play already. And while both of end up getting frustrated, both end up being losers in this scenario.

We’ve always taken “time” for granted. Used and abused, “time” is the most formidable excuse in life.

No time to study.

No time to do chores.

No time to sleep or rest.

No time to play or exercise.

No time for friends.

No time for family.

No time for love.

When will we find time to do what makes us happy in life? Or even just recall all those things we’ve done or were asked to do and was such a waste of time! Remember, when we take time for granted, time also pays us back dearly for missing out on those big moments.

Hopefully we don’t miss out on these in our lifetime. In the end, there is no time for regrets. We all need to find time for our Relative Joy.

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