You and I

You ever had that feeling that the moment we met there was a connection so strong that we were drawn to each other in a way not felt before? Over a period of time, I felt love so deep and strong, yet complicated. In you, I have found my soulmate.

One thing for sure is that we’re two opposite poles. The yin and the yang. With you, I’ve learned to understand the depth of the word “complicated”. I on the other hand was always “predictable”.

I never say things I’m not sure of. But the day I said “I love you”, I was sure. And when I said it, it wasn’t because I wanted to hear it back. It was because I meant it.

I never commit to things I’m not serious with. The day I said “forever”, I meant that too. When I said it, I wasn’t waiting for a “me too” reply. It was a commitment to spending my life with you.

I’ve seen you grow into a successful and beautiful person during our 14 years together. And while we’ve had our ups and downs, you’ve also given me reasons to laugh and smile. Those memories I will always cherish.

You’ve totally pushed me harder than I would have myself. And taken leaps of faith when I am unsure. I’m still unsure with a lot of things. Even at my age. But I know you’ll be here when I need that shoulder to cry on or miserable moment to share with.

I can’t promise to be here the rest of your life, but I promise to love you the rest of mine.

Thank you. For everything.


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