Dear Carla and Charles

How time flew. And how you’ve both grown into wonderful adults. You may not be perfect in all things, but to me, you’ve done yourselves proud. And that is enough perfection for me. And your mom.

The circumstances of your growing up is a million miles different from the “ordinary family”. The extraordinary circumstances of our losses in life was a painful pill to swallow for all of us, and your mom mostly. But the story of our lives needs to be celebrated and shared because in spite of these circumstances, we all did just fine.

With the early passing of your dad, both families needed to pull together. Kudos to your mom who needed to raise both of you in the dual role as father and mother.

I am writing this for you to remind you of family and the ties that bind us together. Your growing up years were the most challenging. Emotionally and financially, we were now all providers. I don’t write this to say that you owe your family anything. It is out of love that we provide. And out of love that we will sacrifice for your future. All I ask is that someday you pay it forward.

We’re all proud of who you’ve both become today. A friendly advise from someone who has been on the road less travelled. Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s impossible because all things are possible. Go for it. I will be here to catch you at that worst moment in your lives. Most of all, don’t forget the virtue of humility. Stay grounded and focused on happiness in the journey to the goals in life.

One day, you too will have your own family. Treat them well. Be the inspiration to their lives. And most of all, write your stories and help people write theirs. The chapters of your lives may be their book.

Love always


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