The letter my dad would have written

He passed away at an early age. 59. Gone too soon. And gone too quickly. There were no long goodbyes. It was a quick and painless passing.

I’m sure if he had the time to say his final farewell, he would have written this:

To my loving wife and children,

I will be gone soon. Sooner than you would all have imagined. I am sorry that I won’t be able to celebrate many other occasions especially seeing my grandchildren grow up to be good, God-fearing, and respectable people in society.

To my wife, thank you for being there for me and taking care of me after my stroke. I know that it was difficult to carry the burden of having to suddenly become the breadwinner in the family. I’m sorry that I needed to go ahead earlier than you. But I will always watch over you and will wait for you. Some day, we will be both together again. You will always be my one and only. I love you so much.

To my children, I have accomplished what I needed to as your father. There were days that we may not have been together, but I needed to provide for all of you. I know giving you the best education even when I needed to borrow money for tuition was the best decision I ever made in life. I am proud of what you have both become.

To my daughter, I am sad that your husband had passed away earlier than me. And it pained me deeply to have been sick when you were at your lowest point in life. But you are strong like me. Take care of those beautiful grandchildren of mine.

To my son who never wanted to be a doctor, thank you for taking on my dream. I am proud of who you are today. I will be gone soon. Take care of everyone whom I will leave behind. They will be your responsibility now.

I love you all. It is painful for me to say goodbye. And so, I won’t. I’ll make you all remember me by quietly going in the middle of night while you’re all asleep.

What I leave behind will be the memories and the love we all shared. Take care and respect each other. Fight the good fight. I raised you all to respect your dignities. Your character will be your defining moments.

Until we meet again,


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