Do you believe that certain life decisions are made based on signs? I do. And it’s not because we leave making important decisions to the wind or to chance. It’s because you think of others when you need to make decisions in life.

When things are not going your way or when you’re in an unusual rough situation, many of us rely on “signs” to guide us in our decision.

This is true for many resolutions in our lives. Whether it is love, career, friendship or finance, we wait for a sign to point us in the direction (right or wrong). But yes, we throw our resolve to the wind. And pray that the universe align with our dreams.

When things don’t work out as planned we become disappointed, or get hurt in the process. And so after waiting for that mystical “sign” again, for better outcomes in our lives.

As my partner would always say to me, “it’s a sign“.

Some of us find love and fall out of love based on “signs”. You feel that he’s the one because the stars align and the cosmos collided for the moment to happen.

Then of course, there are relations that don’t work out. Too much anger and stress between parties are not productive to the growth of either one in that relationship.

So what happened to signs? Well here’s a short and practical tip that never fails when the signs fail us:

When you lose your respect, it’s the biggest sign that it’s time.

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