Wrong before right

Once upon a time in a land of make believe, there’s the story about a Princess who thought that all the decisions she made were the right ones because it pleased her.

She was never a princess. Her childhood years were difficult because growing up years proved to be rough. She struggled hard, but life threw tomatoes at her. Everything she touched was peachy at first. When people knew the real her they had second thoughts. She had beauty and charm and over time her life had improved. As she worked her way up the ladder of success, fame and fortune, she began to carry more baggages in the journey because she trampled on peoples feet during the climb.

One day, she met her prince in shining armour. She was showered with travels, jewels and the promise of a queenly life. She thought her life was to be a fairytale promise. But the fancy life in the palace was an illusion. Soon the money began to dwindle. Then the family problems of the prince started to grow into her. And the glass tower began to crack. The princess found herself no sooner than where she was back to – a life plagued with emotional and worldly problems. Her bitterness at the world became dimmer. Her paranoia and distrust worsened. Her once closest friends were now her biggest enemies. You see, the baggage she carried on her shoulders were always with her throughout her journey because she thought that she would use those excess baggages to get back at the people who she thought had wronged her in life. The princess had never let go of misery.

What is the moral of the fairy tale story?

Things don’t turn out the way we want for a reason. We sometimes live in a dark place or experience the worst of our times not because it’s a punishment but a cross we carry. Of course, not everyone deserves a cross to carry. But these crosses in life are meant to make us stronger, not bitter. Scarred, but survived. Better human beings, not monsters.

We need to carry on in life no matter how difficult it gets but sans the excess baggages. These heavy burdens of guilt, fear, pride, anger and hate should be left behind during our challenging journey. As we move on in life the less burden we carry, the less heavy our load. The less heavy the load, the kinder we treat people. Humility has its way of bringing back the good aura in our lives.

Sometimes we just need to do the right thing or trust the right people, and keep our hopes up that someday, all the wrongs done will eventually turn out right, and we get the happy endings we dream of.

As for the princess in the story, despite the many second chances she has had in life, she will have third and fourth chances over time.

That is true of our lives. We all have a princess in our life. Leave the baggages of hate behind. The journey is lighter that way. It’s also a happier one.

One thought on “Wrong before right

  1. Tata Rivera February 9, 2022 / 6:39 am

    I can relate …


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