A cup of calm

I picked up that title from the tea I take every night. The major component of which are chamomile and lavender. And no, I’m not advertising the brand of tea. I’m just learning to destress my days ahead.

We all need to learn to ride the waves of anxiety. It’s not easy, but here’s a few thoughts that I’d like to share:

1. Meditation is the key to resting the weary soul.

Believe it or not, it’s difficult to deal with anxiety. While you look forward to better days ahead, there are just moments that are laden with uncertainties. Breath in deep and exhale slowly. Clear your mind. Refocus and meditate and clear the clutter.

2. Read inspiring stories instead of stressful ones. Watch a movie that will move your emotions rather than make you angry. May I suggest that you turn away from the news as you can’t distinguish the fake from the real, the confusing from the truth?

Yep! There’s been no better time to have media have their own interpretation than now. When the facts get distorted and a lie is tweaked to be the gospel truth then it’s time to shut down media as an appropriate source.

3. Listen to classical and instrumental music. Something soothing to the soul.

It’s always best to relax not only spirit but our emotions as well. And what better way to listen to sounds that appeal to calm. If you play an instrument (like I do, I play the piano), 30 minutes of this is therapy for anxiety.

4. Enjoy some moments with God. A few minutes at the adoration chapel helps relieve the burden.

Talk to God. He will always listen to you. He may not answer your questions but talking to Him is like talking to a friend. Unburden yourself to God. He is never judgemental and will provide you with the answers to your cross in due time.

5. Learn to inspire. The universe will always remember the kindness you share in spite of the hate.

Karma is a bitch. Don’t burden yourself with payback. Forgiveness is a virtue. Remember – you set yourself free when you forgive those who have wronged you.

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