Mean girls #PetPeeveStories

I’m having a quiet lunch and behind me are a group of teenage girls. A squad of mean, very mean, girls.

I could not help but overhear and listen in to their rude conversation.

They were talking about

– the size of the male “appendage”one of these mean girls was going out and described how “stupid” the boy was because he had curfew from his parents and that he didn’t even smoke or drink alcohol

– why one of their classmate needed bashing from them because she was showing off how intelligent she was at class; not making others copy during an exam; was such a lousy dresser – and they agreed to make fake “people” so they can stalk her and say mean things about her (and you thought trolling was only for political use?).

– how they should spend the money one of them was able to get from her mom’s drawer (No way you did that? Yes, I did and I think we better get out of here and go watch a movie then I’ll make the driver buy us some wine and beer and we can go to my place because my parents are out and won’t be back till Sunday!)

What struck me was the fact that they’re less than 16 years old (I can tell because I know one of them but I don’t think she recalls knowing me) and what spewed out of their mouth were cruel words.

They were talking at the top of their voices. Perhaps wanting other people to hear the filth they were saying. The sad part? They were mean and had no remorse.

Mean people or bullies are everyone’s pet peeve. Unless you’re a masochist, there will always be a bunch of misfits out there trying to plot against you. (Read: online trolls who just comment and bash just because…)

Whether it is the workplace, school or even at home, meanness is a symptom of weakness and act of cowardice. They instill fear in you because they are brought up in the same environment, believing that harassment is a form of strength and survival.

RULE IS – When we allow mean people to get away with bullying us into coercion and fear, our consent is a reflection of their victory. Learning to say NO is half your victory won. Nothing is fair in this world because we let it.

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