Car park woes #PetPeeveStories

This is related to the story the day before. And I’ve dedicated a whole page to just “parking”!

And as fair warning, there are some words that may be inappropriate for those who do not appreciate profanity. I apologize from the get go, but there is no kind way to express dismay at Stupid.

1. Follow instructions

I don’t know if it’s difficult to follow instructions or some of us just are plain stupid. The sign that’s posted IS NOT A SUGGESTION. There is a reason for the sign. Why do we refuse to obey them?

– no parking

– park facing the wall

– PWD parking only

– do not block the driveway

– one side street parking only

– emergency parking only

– double parking

They’re common signs right? And yet people disobey them outrightly! When it says “no parking” it means simply that your vehicle isn’t supposed to be there stupid! No ifs or buts! It’s two words – NO PARKING! What part of the English language did you not understand?

You cannot also use the dumb excuse that you can’t read or you didn’t see it when the sign is emblazoned all over the wall! I hate it when there’s a car blocking my car when I’m about to leave and I’m the one parked properly. The other driver is somewhere God knows where. But the jerk decided to leave his car blocking your car and you need to really to go somewhere (it doesn’t matter where because that’s none of the motherfucker-who’s-blocking-my-way’s business). And you’re stuck for an hour until this person comes back. And you want to strangle the idiot, right? Me too! If murder isn’t a crime, I’d probably have concocted several ways on how to get away with murder. You know who else I want to murder? The guard that allowed that car to block mine.

A personal peeve is the PWD parking zone that’s either blocked or has someone who doesn’t have a disability parking there (read: “family driver” of some schmuck). These stupid stupid people should be miserably punished for doing the injustice of making people with disability have to be inconvenienced just because they were inconsiderate or stupid or both.

Is it so hard for you to simply obey the signs?

2. Take responsibility

I’ve always hated the fact that a parking area bears the sign “Please do not leave valuables inside your car. The mall owners will not take responsibility for any loss or damage.”

Fuck shit!

Of course it’s our responsibility not to leave valuables lying around anywhere! Whether it’s your car or your house or even the table we fucking have a meal on. But fuck shit! Don’t you guys have a moral and personal liability in making me fucking pay for parking and yet will leave the responsibility of guarding the car to me as well? What the hell?!?

You can’t just pose a sign like that and absolve everyone of the responsibility of an accident or crime occurring inside the parking area.

It’s like this – I paid to park you idiot! There’s a girl who gives me a ticket and who takes the money when I leave. There are guards in your parking area. What’s his role there? Grow his balls and scratch his pubes? He’s supposed to be watching the fucking car park for criminal acts! For fuck sake he’s a fucking SECURITY GUARD! That’s his job description. Unless of course he’s supposed to be doing a pirouette every 5 minutes with the ticket lady. Security Guard are two words clearly plastered all over his fucking patch!!!

And no, it’s not okay that my car was hit by another car and the guards did not see it. Or that someone broke the glass of the car just because I had my laptop at the backseat in plain view of a thief. It’s not okay that car park owners do not take responsibility. And yes, my dear friends, you can actually sue them if anything happens to you or your car under their watch. There is no mutual consent in spite of their “signage” absolving them car park owners from a legal suit. It is not “park at your own risk” car park.

It’s a different story if there are no guards because the parking area is FREE!

3. Blind people are not allowed to drive

That’s the pathetic excuse of people who park improperly ending up occupying two slots of parking space instead of just one. Fucking retards!

It’s disappointing to have to go around the car park only to see idiots like these eat up useful space because of sheer stupidity.

I’m sure we’ve all wanted to kick the car of the dickhead that parked this way. If only vandalism wasn’t a crime, I’d have spray painted that car.

4. No garage, no car

Yes. I apologize if I will hit a raw nerve here. I stand by the “no garage, no car” policy. I personally believe that you have no right to own a car if you don’t have a place to park it in. It’s also a firm reminder that owners of stores and restaurants should have parking space for their customers. You have no right to encroach on the streets in front of your establishment as if that were a parking lot you owned. You DO NOT own the streets. Do not block them with your car(s).

My parting reminder:

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