Walk on the left, stand on the right #PetPeeveStories

There’s a video of SM Supermalls about escalator etiquette. One of my fave pet peeves.

It’s easy to remember



This video shows a painful reminder of everyone (especially Filipinos) who DO NOT know how to use escalators.

Whenever I travel to other countries whose airports have a walkalator, the signs are the same – walk on the left, stand on the right. You’ll also notice that it’s the Filipino who more often than not, disobey this basic rule.

Etiquette is what civilised people learn. I’m sorry if you feel offended with this insinuation because you feel alluded to. Etiquette is vital in our daily relations with people in society. It speaks volumes on our education and breeding. Strangely, while many Filipinos are actually aware of appropriate etiquette, they only practice this when they are in foreign lands.

They say you can tell the nationality of a person by his action. In a crowd crossing the street, you can spot the Filipino because he’s most likely the one attempting to cross the street NOT at the pedestrian lane. He’s most likely the person that, in spite of a queue, will go in front and pretend to wonder if there is a queue or not. And you will read this a lot in this month’s blog – about how no etiquette is tantamount to being rude.

And the escalator is a perfect example of basic etiquette. Repeat after me. WALK ON THE RIGHT, STAND ON THE LEFT! No further explanation is required. Yet when you go to a mall, you see people who don’t follow rules. Either because they don’t know or they are inconsiderate.

When parents bring their children to the mall or a place that has access to an escalator and are taking the escalator, place the child in front of you so that you can actually watch your child. Do not make the child stand on the elevator BESIDE you, with both (or more) of you hogging the escalator. That’s how accidents happen. It is never the fault of the escalator or the mall owner (unless the escalator blows up). It is always the parents (or guardians) fault when their children’s fingers (or God forbid, other body parts) get caught in the escalator.

Do not converse on thr escalator. For God’s sake, it’s a 10-15 seconds ride. Pay attention. Do not suddenly stop when you reach the end of the escalator because there may be people behind you that are actually still in motion! Do not text while on an escalator. Be mindful of the gap. Be mindful of the very short ride. When the escalator comes to a halt in the middle of the ride, PLEASE MOVE your feet (up or down). Do not wait for the escalator to move (which may take forever) because there are other people behind you who need to get somewhere rather than wait for you to move just because you’re waiting for escalator to actually move! Do not ride on the railings. Don’t tie your shoes when you’re on the escalator and the escalator is in motion. Don’t hog the escalator with your shopping bags and don’t leave them on the escalator stairs. Always carry the merchandise!

More often than not, etiquette is common sense. And we see a lot of that lacking, even among the educated. The illustration above should serve as a helpful guide to the do’s and don’ts when taking the escalator.


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