Humor me

They say that laughter is the best medicine.

I thought of sharing some of humor this month hoping that it would lighten the various darker (and difficult) moments we encounter these days.

Laughter is one of life’s simple joys. Laughter releases the feelings of anger, tension, anxiety, fear and guilt. It is that reason that even for a moment, humor brings back the relative joys in our daily grind.

The daily grind often puts too much serious sh*t into our daily lives that at times it becomes not only stressful but depressing too. Notice that after a hard days work or even at the office, our burden feels lighter when there is humor, smile and laughter.

Comedy even in its most slapstick format and while it is humor at its worse still provides laughter.

So this weekend, instead of watching those stressful dramas, kick off your shoes, relax and grab some dose of comedy shows.

As they say, a good laugh relieves a lot of hurts. Laugh when you can. Smile when you should. Be kind more often. Enjoy life. Because it’s the only one we have.

(NB. The humor posts for the month are not original. I am rewriting some of them, and posting it. If you like it, share it with some friends today and make someone smile.)

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