Background noise

Often times in our lives we’re too busy doing multiple things. Juggling from one chore to another becomes a handful. I guess the words “spread too thin” is an understatement for being too busy to even appreciate life.

The thing with being busy enough is that it makes us forget about depression and anxiety. Being too busy to even mind the daily worries. Oftentimes, we’re envious with people who don’t even care about anxiety.

In reality, all these “busy” events are but what I call background noises. We all understand the vicious cycle of working for the money. The career. The fame. But we all forget that the purpose for all these is to live a fulfilled life.

It’s ironic that there are many that see material things as the measure of success. Or popularity and going albeit, viral, as the measure of success. They’re background noise to true contentment.

Think about it. How much background noise is there in your life?

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