What if?

What if a drug or an app or a seer could tell where, when, and how we would die, would we live our lives differently?

Where would the challenges in life be if we lived each day laden with anxiety and regrets? It’s probably the reason why there’s no such things as being able to see the future.

We can, however, prepare for it. To live and love each day without regrets. After all, preparing to die is painful to live. But living each day as if it were your last makes you ready for the worst without regrets.

God always brings in the storm of our lives so that we can enjoy the sunshine afterwards.

God’s hand is upon us today and everyday. Good or bad. Sunshine and rain.

– touching our life with joy

– blessing our heart with love

– comforting our soul with peace

What if I can wipe away the tears in your eyes? I will. But I can’t take you back to yesterday. Nor help you see your future. Or prepare you for the storms or sunshines of our lives. So I’m writing this for you… because only we can live the ‘what ifs’ of our lives.

Too busy to remember and enjoy life? Have you hugged lately the ones you will miss most when you or they are gone?

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