Changing diapers

As one gets older, one starts to do things in reverse.

When I see babies, I explain to parents that part of the neurodevelopmental assessment is their cephalocaudal growth. Which means that control of motor skills begin from the head first.  Then they turn from side to side, are able to sit with support, sit alone, stand with support, stand alone, walk with support, walk alone, climb and run effortlessly.  Even their brain development is too rapid that you’d miss these milestones at the blink of an eye.

It’s the opposite as one gets older.

Things happen in reverse.  You have difficulty ambulating, standing, and later prefer to lie down. Even the synaptic discharges are far and few.

As one gets older, one starts cutting out people from their lives.  Either because you’ve seen your friends (and relatives) get buried ahead of you, they’ve moved away, or you’ve simply drifted apart.  It becomes painful to attend homecomings because lately, you’re but a handful.

The Christmas season causes anxiety because for many, that Christmas list becomes practically nonexistent.

You take less pictures because those selfies aren’t great shots anymore.  Or that some memories are best kept in your heart and not the iCloud or a photos app.  And instead of looking for love, you dig for it from within your heart.  There are no tears left to shed, because there is nothing to cry over anymore.  The feeling of waking up each day becomes tedious, taxing, and routinary.

Changing diapers from childhood to our senior years and moments is the irony of ageing.

This is the mirror image called LIFE.

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