The teacher

Once upon a time, there was a teacher. She taught with passion. She made sure that the kids in the class would know the objectives of the lecture of the day. Would get to participate in the recitation. Would be able to submit assignments correctly and as scheduled. They all passed the exams with flying colors. Today, all her students are professionals from all walks of life. Doctors. Businessmen. Engineers. Lawyers. Architects. Actors. They all have one common root – the teacher.

I remember fondly some of my teachers who taught me many things. From learning to read and write, to being kind and upright. Even when they were tough on us, they also pointed us in the right direction. To who and what we are today.

They are, after all, our second parents who mold us when we’re students. Their passion is infectious. It’s not easy to be a teacher. Patience. Integrity. Honesty. They’re all virtues that make the student admire these unsung heroes. Their pay isn’t as much as the CEO. Their hours are not confined to class. They lug all those test papers back home and burn the midnight oil. The hours of preparing for classes are not paid by the school. Schools only pay them for physical presence in classrooms.

Then there’s the teacher that’s a cut above the rest. Not because of the selfies. Or their being friends on Facebook or Twitter. But because he or she is just a damn good teacher. These are the ones that are born to teach. To be mentors. To dedicate their lives to educating. And they don’t complain about the long hours or the bad pay.

But teaching isn’t confined to the four walls of a classroom. Even in the workplace, you will find a teacher who will inspire you to be the best.

They do it because they’re teachers.

The best teacher, after all, is making students who are better than them.

The master has come full circle when his pupil is now ready to become a master.

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