Letting go

The start of the year is always an opportune time to reflect on excess baggages of the past, learning to let go, and moving on.

Sometimes we have to let go of what’s killing us, even if it kills us to let go.

Letting go is often a painful decision. Moving to a new work environment. Seeing a dearly beloved depart untimely. Bidding goodbye to friendships and relationships. Burying the past is emotionally and physically draining.

Yet letting go can be a liberating and exhilarating feeling as well. We learn to accept that things are just not meant to be. Life after all, is meant to be lived today.

If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.

– Paulo Coehlo

Life is the biggest classroom. It teaches us that we need to let go of what’s not there anymore. As Maria Kondo would put it, what does not spark joy any longer. When one lets go, one should not look back. Remember, whatever the past was, there should be gratitude in that moment. We become stronger, and hopefully, learn to pick up from our mistakes. Be grateful for the joy shared.

Be kind to yourself. The people and events in life are simply pitstops to our final destination.

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