Sing and dance

The campaign for the upcoming May election started weeks ago.

The opposition is promoting its platforms through debates. The administration candidates are doing it through entertainment.

From the perspective of an idealist (or they prefer to be called intellectuals), a debate should probably be the way to woo votes. But the strategist will always have the pulse of the people at bay. And the ratings will always tell you that name recall is always best achieved through cavalcades and dole outs.

It is a no-brainer why the people running in the upcoming elections only show the side which they are abreast of. Any form of engagement in a meaningful debate will always be ignored as frequently as possible. After all, in a captured audience, the skills of singing and dancing, laughing and cajoling, will always be recalled by the electorate during Election Day. Regardless of the capability of the politician(s) to govern or not.

Some voters have already made up their mind who to vote for. The sorties will just need to target the undecided. And that’s where the political strategy lies – in making the undecided choose them. Either through an intelligent discourse of issues that matter or a sortie of entertainment numbers so that the unaddressed promises are swept under the rug.

The bottom line here is getting the votes where it matters. Even if it means lying through their teeth.

80% of voters belong to class C, D and E. The marginalized need to realize that they are the stronger majority and that their concerted effort at changing the system lies with them. Many of those who belong to class A and B have affiliations of some sort to the those running for public office. After all, they will have most to gain by supporting a candidate. The well-to-do have the means, connections and machinery to make or break a politician.

And so the president has amped his tirades against the opposition for the mid year election. And for a reason. It is without doubt that many administration candidates demonstrate a dire shortage of intelligence and/or have nothing forthright to bring to any form of verbal tussle. Their pure lack of perspicacity have relegated them to simply showing their best foot forward with entertainment numbers and the president leading the circus.

I recall three years ago, on cue, during the presidential debates, Duterte had made magnanimous promises on changing the landscape of this country. Those promises were a tall order, but he stepped up to every debate table thrashing out promises after promises – either in amusement or in sincerity. And change did come.

The mid term election is an opportune time to reflect on the gains and losses of this nation and its people. The kind of leaders who we want to lead us through trying times. The promises made, delivered and the empty promises each campaign period.

The next three years matter.

And it’s not just about singing and dancing. Because aside from death, the only other permanent thing in this world, is change.

If you want to change the way our congress and senate is working, you have to change who you send there.

Let us do what is right. It is time to send the entertainers a clearer message that the circus is over. And that the country is back in business. We need to gain back our dignity. Our power. Even one vote at a time.

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