The other half of the coin

I have one sibling.

Younger than me, she is the epitome of resilience. Widowed at 30, she literally raised two children amidst the challenges of being a single parent.

We grew up like best friends. Shared each other’s secrets, heartaches, successes and failure. One thing for sure that bonds us together is Inang. In the life of my mom, my sister and I form the yin and the yang. During my mom’s last hospital confinement, I probably wouldn’t have lasted the stresses without the help of the other half – my sister. Truth be told, while my mother looks to me in times of need, there are many times that I am jealous that she loves my sister more. I frustrate easier and am less patient on the stressful things life throws our way.

Yes. Sibling rivalry will always be there whether we are 1 or 100 years old.

We’re a small family. We travel together. Celebrate life and love together. Cry together. When one is at his or her lowest point, the other one manages to lift the other up. When we’re all at our emotional high, we’re all celebrating like there’s no tomorrow.

And family is all I can ask for. The other half – my sister – will always be special to me in more ways than one.

And this bonding time with family because of Inang’s illness has made me realize that 60 years later, we’ve always had each other…through thick and thin, through weddings and funerals…through laughter and tears and we will only have each other at our twilight years.

Thank you sis for being self less and being my one of my relative joys in life.

And happy birthday! I’m hoping you like your gift!

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