The countdown to the last quarter of a pandemic

Disclosure: All data provided are from the Department of Health’s various information sites including their data drop. Where appropriate, other graphs, illustrations, tables and data are appropriately referenced.

December 31, 2020 (updated)

With the last day of 2020, the Health Agency announces 1,541 new cases and 14 deaths.

Two cities in Mega Manila – Quezon City (101 cases) and City of Manila (67 cases) – account for 11 percent of the total haul of the day.

Two other cities outside of NCR were among the top five – Baguio City with 79 cases and Davao City with 59.

There was only one province in the top five – Rizal, with 65 cases.

  • The year ender data shows that the total cases was 20 percent lower in December compared to November with 42,594 new cases for the month of December.
  • The number of deaths for the month of December was 45 percent lower than November with 479 new deaths in December.

Yesterday’s data breakdown

The Philippines

  • NCR reported 313 new cases, with Quezon City, Makati and the city of Manila contributing to 50 percent of the total cases yesterday.
  • Only one region outside of NCR had triple digits – CALABARZON.
  • Four provinces in Region IVA were among the top ten – Laguna, Rizal, Cavite and Batangas.
  • Benguet was the top hauler among the provinces with 71 cases.
  • Eleven of seventeen cities in NCR were among the top twenty cities/municipalities with highest cases yesterday with Quezon City, Makati, City of Manila and Pasig City grabbing the first to fourth slots.
  • Three cities/municipalities in Benguet were in the top twenty – La Trinidad, Itogon and Baguio City.


With 738,363 new cases and 15,192 new deaths globally yesterday, the world total quickly crosses the 83 million mark to close the year with more than 1.8 million deaths.

The United States continued to lead in new cases and deaths as it passed the 20 million mark for coronavirus cases and more than 350,000 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

  • Global case fatality rate: 2.18 percent, unchanged due to the high number of deaths reported for the second consecutive day.
  • Five European nations were among the top ten contributors to the pool of new cases yesterday – UK, France, Germany, Czechia and Italy.
  • The United Kingdom continued to report more than 50,000 new cases for the second consecutive day.
  • The United States reported close to 4,000 deaths in a single day.

2 thoughts on “The countdown to the last quarter of a pandemic

  1. lordmychef October 21, 2020 / 7:55 pm

    Hi Doc! I read right away this blog because of the photo of pineapple… I was intrigued it might have any symbolism with the “roll” in our figures lately…. the sliced pineapple looked like rolls. Hahahaha!!! You got me rolling in laughter… but, why is the story left hanging? Always waiting for your grains of wisdom falling from your precious words….


    • kidatheart October 21, 2020 / 8:50 pm

      I intentionally left it hanging because the cases are always hanging as well. Hehe. No consistency in data from the health agency.

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