106 deaths on the last day of March…the data drop: 03.31.2021

While there were relatively fewer new cases reported today, it was the deaths that took center stage during the 4PM announcement of the Department of Health daily COVID-19 situation.

There were 6,128 new cases reported today with 106 new deaths and less than 500 recoveries. This brings the total number of active cases to more than 130,000 or close to 18 percent! The total cases of COVID-19 in the country now approaches 750,000. While the Health Agency announces 19.9 percent positivity for March 30, 2021 (as of 12NN submission), the actual daily positive rate is more than 20 percent. In short, 1 in every 5 individuals tested will likely test positive.

The hospital capacity for ICU is almost at 80 percent utilization at NCR and close to 70 percent utilization of isolation facilities. Wards and ventilators availability has dwindled down with more than 60 percent of these now occupied.

In terms of positivity rate, note the graph of the Health Agency below, that compares the positivity in tests on April 3, 2020 when we had only a handful of testing centers and a few thousand tests done daily compared to March 29, 2021 where we no have over 200 laboratories and do an average of 50,000 tests daily. In the same graph, one can see that even during the first surge, we did not reach positivity rates of this proportion. This means that this second surge is an outbreak that will be challenging to control. And will definitely take a toll not only on life and the healthcare system but on the economy as well.

Today saw slightly lower numbers in the National Capital Region with less than 50 percent new cases (2,938). CALABARZON was in second with 1,108 (18 percent), Central Luzon with 548 (9 percent) and Cagayan Valley with 421 (7 percent). Four other provinces reported triple digits. They were: Central Visayas, CAR, Ilocos Region, and Western Visayas. There are 37 cases with no location on a regional level.

The National Capital Region has Quezon City remaining in the lead with 753 new cases. Manila came in second with 400 new cases. Caloocan City and Mandaluyong having less than 300 but more than 200 cases. Makati, Malabon, Las Piñas, Navotas, Parañaque, and Taguig had more than 100 but less than 200 cases. In spite of the lower cases, 14 of 17 LGUs in NCR were still in the top twenty cities with most cases for the day.

On a provincial level, Cavite, Bulacan, and Rizal continued to dominate the cases for the day.

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