The good news and the bad news for 05.05.2021

The 4PM announcement of the Health Agency of 5,685 new cases was one good news (although it is a Wednesday) and a day where we expect lower number. With 8,961 additional recoveries, the active cases are now down to 62,713 (5.8%). The data announced today showed 14.9% positivity for May 3, 2021.

The bad news was the 178 new deaths. A significant climb from the previous days double digit numbers. This brings to 1.76% the case fatality ratio based on outcomes (recoveries and deaths). Hospital ICU occupancy is still at greater than 70%. Severe and critical patients comprise 2.8% of the total active cases or around 1,756 patients requiring hospitalization (and the presumption is that they are in hospitalized to be included in the statistics of the Department of Health).

Of the 5,685 cases today, NCR owned 1,612 or 28.4% of the cases. CALABARZON was in second with 1,334 or 23.5% of the cases. Central Luzon was in third with 580 cases (10.2%). These three regions alone consistently account for almost 2/3 of the cases in the country.

Here’s the granular data for the day.

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