Resbak Thursday with 6K plus cases on 05.13.2021

Thursdays to Monday data give us, more or less, a more accurate picture of what the actual daily averages of the new cases are in the Philippines. The Health Agency announced 6,385 new cases (with a 7-day moving average of 6,500/day). This is based on 13.6 positivity rate last May 11.

With new deaths at 107 for today and a little more than 4,200 recoveries reported, the current case fatality ratio based on outcomes is steady at 1.76 percent. Intensive care unit utilization is lower at 64 percent with many of the hospitals seeing a tad fewer cases. Note, however, that severe and critical patients will take time to recover and will continue to fill ICU beds in the meantime.

With other sectors calling to move into a less strict quarantine because the cases in Mega Manila are now less than 2,000 per day for the past week, it is important to emphasize that those living in the areas with highest cases (epicenters) should be encouraged to take advantage of the COVID-19 vaccines that are now available. With a slight lowering of cases, this is the opportune time for the government to rapidly roll out the immunization campaign – even if it has to go to the extent of working 7 days a week and 24 hours a day – in order to sustain the gains made during the last 2 months of stricter lockdown.

NCR contributed to more than 1/4 of the total cases in the country with 1,608 new cases and the only region reporting quadruple digits. However, ALL OTHER REGIONS reported triple digits except for MIMAROPA, a first since the beginning of the pandemic and a pattern which was not even present during the first surge.

In NCR, Quezon City continued to lead among cities with most cases both on a regional and national level. However, for today, it only accounted for 19 percent of the total cases in Mega Manila. Caloocan City came in second for the day. Twelve of 17 LGUs in NCR were among the top twenty cities with most cases.

On a provincial level, Pampanga was the top contributor to most cases for the day, followed by Isabela and Bulacan.

So here’s the run down on the immunization status of all ASEAN member states. The most important thing to remember is how many million shots have been given, but as to how many doses have been administered PER CAPITA (each country have different populations so it should be computed per 100,000 population) and the percentage of population FULLY vaccinated is vital.

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