Another 6K plus cases for Saturday 05.15.2021

The Philippine Health Agency reports 6,739 new cases, which is a tad lower than the 6,784 cases yesterday. This brings to 5% our active cases (56,709) with close to 9,000 recoveries today. The positivity rate for May 13 stood at 12.9% with over 52,000 tests that were run.

With 93 new deaths, the death toll for COVID19 in the country now exceeds 19,000 with a case fatality ratio for outcomes at 1.76 percent. Utilization of ICU beds is at 63% today.

The OCTA Research releases its monitoring report for COVID-19 showing the decline in new cases per day for Mega Manila as compared to the surge that began in March. The average new cases per day has declined by 30% to 1,644 over the past week. Rt is 0.57 with a positivity rate at 12%. Note that based on risk classification (average daily attack rate) of the DoH where >10 per 100,000 is considered high risk, there is a shift to moderate risk (which is good news) in four cities – Navotas, Malabon, Manila and Caloocan. The others remain at high risk.

In addition, the latest OCTA report also shows that the positivity rate is being driving by provinces outside of the NCR. It is the province of Palawan that is the shocker of the day with 67% positivity rate. This means that 2 out of every 3 people being tested in Palawan is positive.

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