Close to 7K and a stubborn positivity rate hovers at 13% on 06.05.2021

While today’s new cases test the 6000 margin, it’s like a fire sale. No, we are not testing the 6K mark. We’re still at the 7K lane as the Health Agency announces 6,955 new cases today based on reports of close to 50K tests last June 3. Two labs did not submit reports to be included in todays cases, hence, the actual numbers today would put us most likely along the 7K margin. Again. The positivity rate remains stubborn at over 13%. I cannot reiterate that we are not testing and tracing enough, particularly in regions outside of the NCR where there is an obvious lack in testing, tracing, isolation and quarantine.

The active cases fall around 60K as the total cases rapidly move to more than 1.26M cases.

New deaths today were 195 which brings the case fatality ratio a notch higher at 1.81%.

Healthcare utilization is still higher nationally compared to the NCR as the number of cases in NCR are flat (around 15-18% per day).

Only NCR recorded quadruple digits, but the southern provinces continued to see increasing cases for the day. Mega Manila continued to report 15.6% of the total cases. Central Luzon came in second, while CALABARZON in third.

Among the LGUs in NCR, the top four cities continue to be Quezon City, Manila, Pasig and Caloocan City.

On a provincial level, Iloilo province took the forceful lead for the day, followed by Laguna, then Bulacan.

Among the top cities with most cases, it was Davao City that continued to lead in cases followed by Quezon City, Cagayan de Oro and Iloilo City. Three of five cities in the top twenty for the day are cities outside of NCR. Eight of 20 cities from NCR were in the top twenty. Oddly, cities/municipalities that were NEVER in the top twenty have appeared today: Santa Maria (Ilocos Sur), San Narciso (Zambales), Maria Aurora (Aurora), and Santiago (Agusan del Norte).

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