With 6K plus, the difficulty of the provinces is palpably felt on 06.14.2021

Today’s Health Agency reported 6,426 new cases with active cases still hovering around 60K. Note that todays cases are based on June 12 with more than 40K cases and a difficult positivity rate at 13.7%.

There were 57 new deaths announced today, which puts the case fatality ratio at 1.81%.

The good news is that no region reported quadruple digits today. Not even CALABARZON.

The bad news? All the regions in the Philippines reported triple digits.

CALABARZON continued to lead the pack, but the NCR is back in second slot and Western Visayas in third. Note that the erratic figures coming in from the regions outside of NCR plus, Davao Region and Central Visayas, are due to the fact that there are fewer testing facilities in other areas. When results are released, there are occasional bursts of cases in these areas. Using a 7-day average report (as provided by OCTA) is a better indicator of the testing capacity and cases in these areas.

In the NCR, Quezon City and Manila managed to report triple digits for the day. Six of 17 LGUs in Mega Manila remained among the top twenty cities with most cases.

On a provincial level, it was Davao del Sur that topped the provinces, followed by Laguna and Iloilo Province.

Davao City contributed to the majority of cases in the province of Davao del Sur, and being responsible for why Davao City had the most number of new cases of COVID-19 on a city level, today. Two other cities outside of NCR were among the top five for the day – Iloilo City and Baguio City.

As the cases in the provinces see an upward trajectory, one can see how the frail healthcare systems outside of more urbanized areas can easily be overwhelmed even with simply triple digit cases. No province has experienced the same quantity of cases as Mega Manila. With limited resources, even the most urbanized city outside of NCR will definitely feel the pressure on its healthcare system, and can result in higher death rates because of the deluge of cases.

Western Visayas, for example, has been in MECQ for quite some time and even this level of lockdown has continued to inundate the region with more cases in the past week.

In the latest OCTA Monitoring Report, Dumaguete is the area of most serious concern as its one-week growth rate continues to escalate, its average daily attack rate is almost 70 per 100,000 population and the intensive care unit utilization is at critical levels.

The list below provides a look into LGUs outside the NCR plus, that has the most number of new cases from June 7-13, 2021. While Davao City remained in the lead, it has managed to bring down the number of new cases and its ADAR as well. However, ICU rate is unsettling at 92%.

The IATF may want to rethink on the quarantine status of some of these LGUs and move them to one where mobility is more restricted in order to stem the continued transmission of spread of the virus in select regions.

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