With more than 5K cases on 07.12.2021, most of the cases are from areas outside NCR

The Health Agency reports 5,204 new cases today based on data from July 10 with a positivity rate of 10.8%. Note, however, that 8 laboratories failed to submit results (accounting for 0.45% of all more than 45,000 tested samples or 1.3% of positive individuals). The past days have shown that the cases are rising outside of the National Capital Region, although the Rt is now past 0.9 in Mega Manila.

With 100 new deaths recorded, the Philippines passes the 26,000 deaths mark and the case fatality ratio for outcomes remains at 1.82%.

CALABARZON led among all regions with almost 50% more cases than NCR.

It was Laguna, Cavite and Batangas that continued to account for the haul in Region IVA, with Laguna topping the provincial rankings.

Among LGUs, Davao City took back the lead today, with more cases than Quezon City and Cebu City combined.

In NCR, Quezon City remained the top contributor to the daily cases with triple digits.

As of July 11, the DoH reports that more than 13M doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been given. More than 3.5M have been fully vaccinated bringing the percentage of fully vaccinated to 3.2% of the population (which may be higher at 5.1% considering the eligible population is only approximately 70M).

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