The rise of the delta variant on 08.05.2021

With 116 new cases of delta variant added today, and the Health Agency reporting that the variant has been located in nine regions in the country, the public is expected to practice minimum health standards professed by the Department of Health.

Reports on genome sequencing are not real-time. Reports are also random and not done in all RT-PCR swabs. With a rise in positivity rate over the past days, we really need to keep an eye on making sure that the delta variant is contained, and contained quickly.

Today, the Health Agency reports 8,127 new cases for more than 56,000 tests done last August 3. Notice how the positivity rate continued to climb in spite of slightly more tests done. The active cases are also up at more than 66,000 (4.1%).

Healthcare capacity utilization is also up, both nationally and in the National Capital Region. And what a difference a week made in the number of new cases alone.

New deaths are at 196 today, with the case fatality ratio for outcomes now at 1.82%.

Today, the NCR claims 25% of the total cases for the day with more than 2,000 cases – its new high for this surge. Two regions saw quadruple digits while ten saw triple digit counts.

Cebu province had most cases on a provincial level, but oddly, Cavite, which has been in second spot for a week is is a less strict lockdown status.

Among LGUs, NCR has 12 of its 17 LGUs in the top 20 cities with most cases. Cebu City came in second among LGUs on a national scale. However, today’s numbers belong the Mega Manila. Four LGUs in NCR had more than 200 cases.

The Philippine Genome Center releases its bio surveillance report updating the previous report. This is as of August 4, 2021. Notice that of the 374 sequenced on this date, 116 (31%) were delta variant. This is an increase from the previous report on July 28 where 96 of 373 sequenced (25.7%) were delta.

Reminder in interpreting this report is that this is based on random sample collection as the center does not sequence all PCR swabs.

One thought on “The rise of the delta variant on 08.05.2021

  1. Jill August 5, 2021 / 5:44 pm

    Doesn’t look likely that we can contain the delta variant…maybe the best we can hope for is bumping up the vaccination effort so it wreaks less havic than without more vaccination.


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