The first day when 2K level is back and that data for 11.02.2021

It’s been awhile that we’ve seen the two thousand mark and today is a good day with the number of cases.

The last time we touched this low mark was March 4 where the Philippines had 2,444 cases. With more recoveries than cases, the number of active cases are down to a little more than 40K.

Almost 30,000 tests were done on October 31, a Sunday. The positivity rate is at 6.8%. We most likely will have similar numbers tomorrow as November 1 was a holiday and the number of tests may not have been significant as well.

Total deaths added today is 128.

While NCR reported 454 cases today. As mentioned before, as the cases in the other regions begin to decline, NCR will now account for a greater proportion of the cases (unless it dramatically makes a miraculous turn around). Today, it contributed to almost 20% of the total, up from 18% the previous day.

Quezon City made the splash accounting for 48% of the total cases in NCR alone. It was also the only LGU that reported triple digits. It has more cases than the combined provinces of Benguet and Negros Occidental.

With that said, 6 of 17 LGUs in NCR are in the top 20. Which means that 14 LGUs outside of the NCR are in today’s top list. Majority of them are from Northern Luzon.

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