The 4-digit dump on Tuesday and the data for 11.23.2021

You’d think that with only 25,562 tests done on November 21 and a positivity rate of 2.3% we’d actually have only a little less than 600 cases today. With backlogs still unaccounted for, what better day to report them than the usual low Tuesdays.

The Health Agency reports 1,153 new cases (including backlogs) today.

It’s another day that didn’t add up, but of course, that’s information privy to the Health Agency. Notice that yesterday, the DoH announced 2,826,853 total cases. With their total of 2,827,820 cases as of today, that’s a difference of 967. So where did the additional 186 come from? Such discombobulated arithmetic is confusing.

An additional 195 deaths were added today.

The NCR had 314 new cases today, or 27.2% of the total cases in the country today. With backlogs in cases hounding the agency, the already late data is not reliable as it is. Other regions with triple digits include CALABARZON, Ilocos Region and Central Luzon.

Only three provinces had more than 50 cases – Negros Occidental, Cavite and Ilocos Sur.

Taguig City broke all records among LGUs with 104 cases today. In short, 1 in 3 cases reported today in NCR were from Taguig. Nine of 17 LGUs in the NCR were in the top 20 list. The fewest cases in the top 20 was 10. Meaning if your LGU recorded 10 cases, it would be included in today’s list.

One thought on “The 4-digit dump on Tuesday and the data for 11.23.2021

  1. Jill November 23, 2021 / 4:20 pm

    Well, finally PAL will require negative COVID test before boarding inbound international flights. I was both astounded and unsettled to be on a flight from NY with untested pax. Add to this NO social distancing in airports, i hope i will test negative and be released from quarantine!


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