500 cases and 167 deaths and the data for 12.01.2021

The first day of December looks promising as the Health Agency reports 500 new cases based on a little over 30,000 tests done last November 29 with 2.1% positivity rate. And with slight more recoveries than new cases, the active cases drop to around 15,000 for the country. But this is still an over estimate because almost half of these active cases range from moderate to critical cases. If you look closely at the infographic below, you can see that almost 25% of the active cases (>3,500) are still either severe or critical. All these cannot be accounted for the ICU bed utilization both nationally and even in the NCR. These outcome of many of these cases have not been accounted for and the reporting on deaths is NOT real-time.

There are 167 new deaths announced today.

NCR reported 110 cases today, with Quezon City accounting for close to 30% of the cases in the region. Almost all the other regions report double digits, while four regions report single digit cases. It is important to note that there are still backlogs in the data and it is strongly advised that the agency report all the backlogs sooner than later. This is important because of the threat of the new variant. Any sudden artificial uptick in cases due to backlog can be mistaken for a ‘surge’ of unnecessary concern.

Isabela is the lone province that had more than 50 cases today.

Among LGUs, only 5 LGUs report double digits while the rest in the top 20 had single digit reports.

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