517 new cases and 243 deaths and the data for 12.04.2021

The Philippines is seeing a 7-day average of 514 new daily cases and 138 daily deaths reported as of December 3, 2021. This brings the weekend to a lower daily average than the previous weeks in terms of cases, but the backlog in outcomes among those moderate to critically ill needs to be reconciled sooner and announced in one blast.

The Health Agency announces 517 new deaths today and with more than 1,100 new recoveries, this leaves the active cases down to a little more than 14,000. Half of the active cases are moderate to critically ill. Notice that the severe to critical account for more than 3,200 of the active cases. This does not correlate with the ICU utilization rate, both nationally and in NCR.

There are 243 deaths added today.

NCR accounted for almost 1/4 of the total cases today with 121 reported. All other regions report double digits.

CALABARZON ranked second among regions, with Cavite leading the top ten provinces together with Negros Oriental. All provinces reported 25 cases or less, on a day with very low positive patients.

Among LGUs, it is Quezon City that reports the most cases with 31 new cases. All other LGUs report 15 or less cases, with 5 cases as the fewest number for an LGU to be included in the top 20 list.

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