376 new cases and 25 deaths and the data for 12.10.2021

The 7-day average is down to 380 new cases/day as of December 9, 2021. The Health Agency also reports that around half of the hospitals in the country have not reported a case of COVID-19 for the past week and the One Command Hospital call center has seen a significant decline in calls. At this trend, should we be complacent with Christmas just around the corner?

While the country is enjoying lower cases now, it is not a time to drop our guard. As a matter of fact, this is a time to take stock of what is happening globally with Omicron, ongoing Delta surge and the season fluctuation of COVID-19 as a lesson to take stock and be prepared for any eventuality. As the Philippines has a surmountable amount of vaccines in stock, its citizens should take advantage of this situation and protect themselves and their families by getting vaccinated.

The cases of Omicron in South Africa among children were mostly from families whose adults in the household were unvaccinated. The outcomes for children and young adults will most likely be mild but the threat to the general population will remain a major concern unless we all get vaccinated soon. We all need to be part of the herd and cannot simply be kibitzers.

The Health Agency reports 379 new cases based on close to 36,000 tests done last December 8 and a positivity rate of 1.3%. Active cases drop below 12,000 with more than half of them moderate to critical in severity.

There are 25 deaths added today.

The NCR had 67 cases or accounted for less than 18% of the country’s total today. Three regions report single digit per region, while the rest of the regions in the country have less than 50 cases each.

Even on a provincial level, ALL provinces reported 20 cases and less, with Negros Oriental leading the pack.

More good news from the LGU level is that while Quezon City continue to lead the pack, it only had 14 new cases. As a matter of fact, only three LGUs had double digits – QC, Manila, and Davao City – all less than 15 cases. Only 7 of the 17 LGUs in NCR landed in the top twenty, where the fewest number of cases today was 3.

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