The trend stays below 300 and the data for 12.16.2021

The Health Agency reports 289 new cases today based on more than 37,000 tests done last December 14 with a positivity rate of 0.9%. There has been some discrepancies in the past few days and we should see a correction in the number of new cases, hopefully within the week. As the number of recoveries are minimal, the number of active cases remain above 10,000. The moderate to critically ill are more than 56% now.

There are 47 additional deaths today, mainly from backlog reports.

While the cases remained less than 300 in the country, NCR contributed to more than 30% of the total cases for the day. Other regions report 30 and less cases with 7 regions reporting single digits.

Even on a provincial level, while Cebu province, Zamboanga and Negros Oriental had 13 cases apiece, this was still low numbers.

Quezon City and the City of Manila had the most cases on an LGU level, with numbers even more than the top provinces today.

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