The data for Christmas Day 12.25.2021

With a slight uptick in cases in the National Capital Region (including positivity rate), there is a cause to be worried. First, there are less people that tend to get tested during the holiday season. Second, since many may have been vaccinated (either partially or in full or even have received boosters), it is not far-fetched that people tend to put their guards down – congregate freely, get lost in the revelry, forget that minimum health protocols need to continuously be observed, and make wise informed choices on mobility at a time of a pandemic in spite of lower cases in the community. Third, many have the misconception that getting vaccinated is tantamount to not getting infected and that vaccinated people who get exposed to those who are infected will absolutely not get sick.

So yes, the numbers are slightly up with the Health Agency announcing 433 new cases based on a little over 25,000 tests with 1.6% positivity and more cases than recoveries for December 23.

While hospital bed utilization and ICU rates may be on the low side for now (if disease present mildly, hospitalization may not be affected yet or may be too early to track as patients who are sick do not necessarily need to be hospitalized). Note that there is an increase in the asymptomatic to mild infections (which can point to patients who have been vaccinated or have even had previous infections), which may not necessitate confinement, for now.

There are 137 deaths added today.

NCR continued its uptick in cases, this time with 201 new cases added – accounting for almost half the cases in the country for the report on Christmas Day. This was led by the City of Manila that accounted for 14% of the cases in Mega Manila and 6 other LGUs with double digits for the day. While the cases are not alarmingly high, the pattern of a slight uptick should be taken seriously as those tested are underreported, especially when little to no contact tracing is performed among those exposed.

On a provincial level, eight provinces report double digits but all had less than 20 cases.

All the LGUs in the top ten list report double digits except for the city of San Juan. The fewest cases in the top ten list is up, with the fewest at 9.

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