Low testing and increasing positivity rate and the data of 12.27.2021

The positivity rate for tests is up at 2.2% as the number of tests done last Christmas Day was less than 15,000. This is up from a low of 0.9% a few days ago, which means that unless people are positive, they won’t get tested. Which is not good. Remember, if you come in close contact with someone who is positive for COVID-19, you need to be in QUARANTINE and get tested. Just because you are vaccinated or do not have symptoms does not mean you are negative. That is being presumptuous.

In the meantime, with that few number of tests, the Health Agency announced 318 new cases today with close to 58% of the active cases of 9,579 being moderate to critically ill.

There are 11 additional deaths today.

The NCR continued to report triple digits as its Rt jumps from 0.44 (lowest in December 3) to 0.9 today an accounting for 41% of the total cases in the country. The trend has been an average share of 40% of the total national cases – which isn’t really a good sign considering that it’s been on the low 10-15% a few weeks back.

Again, on a provincial level, the top ten provinces continue to report less than 20 new daily cases.

On an LGU level, the City of Manila led once more with 38 (29.2%) of the total cases in Mega Manila. This was followed by Quezon City with 23, while Mandaluyong and Caloocan were the other 2 cities that reported double digits. These four cities in the NCR also were the only LGUs that reported double digit cases in the whole country today. The fewest cases in an LGU recorded today was 5.

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