The new year bang and the data for 01.01.2022

2022 starts off with 3,617 new cases based on close to 30,000 tests done last December 30, a holiday, with 14.8% positivity rate. The large climb in positivity rate shows us that there will be continuing rise in cases in the upcoming weeks. The public is urged to make sure the minimum health standards are strictly observed, and when given the chance, to get vaccinated or booster shots as soon as possible.

Active cases are at more than 17,000 with 70% of them being mild cases. Hospital utilization rate at the National Capital Region is up, together with ICU utilization rate, but remains at low risk. Because hospitalization is a lagging indicator, we need to monitor this closely so that we can manage its appropriate use.

The NCR surges (and I am allowed to use that word now) with 70% of the total cases in the country on the first day of the 2022. The City of Manila is overwhelmed with 843 cases or 1/3 of the total cases in NCR belonged to this LGU alone. This is followed by Quezon City with 417 cases.

The provinces of Cavite, Rizal, Bulacan, Laguna and Batangas saw an increase in number of cases today.

All the LGUs in NCR are among the top twenty LGUs with most cases for the day, except for Pateros that recorded 13 new cases. There are three LGUs in Cavite and one from Rizal in the top twenty list.

Interesting is the breakdown in age. Notice that the pediatrics population (18 years old and below) made up more cases (12.5% or 1/8th of the total) compared to senior citizens (8%). The majority or more than 50% of todays cases? Those between 20-39 years old.

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