New record high and the data for 01.13.2022

The Health Agency reports 34,021 new cases based on almost 79,000 tests with 47.9% positivity for January 11, 2022. The active cases jump to almost 240,000 with 98% of the cases being mild and asymptomatic at the time of diagnosis.

Hospital utilization remains at moderate risk.

There are 82 new deaths today.

NCR registered 17,069 new cases today accounting for half the cases in the country. There’s now a rise in cases outside of NCR as the other half belong to the ‘others’. CALABARZON was second with more than 7000 cases while in third is Central Luzon with more than 3000.


The infographic below is graphic and self-explanatory as these areas are now in critical situations. In the NCR, that is driving the pandemic numbers, positivity tests have surpassed 50%. This means that the data is now blurred and that the situation on the ground for contact tracing has become useless. This is because the DoH does not include patients who do lateral flow assays (RAT – rapid antigen tests) in the count. We are now blind to the real numbers and real situation on who are positive but asymptomatic or who have mild symptoms and are not being tested. The situation is dire because even the PCR results are not delayed by 72-96 hours. This situation makes PCR testing information become useless for documentation purposes.

2 thoughts on “New record high and the data for 01.13.2022

  1. Jill January 13, 2022 / 5:05 pm

    Well, if the tests of our village workers are any indication–looks like most people are going to have it sooner rather than later! The temptation to “get it over with” needs constant tempering by people such as my doc who has had it twice already and warns about what will happen in the ER!

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    • kidatheart January 13, 2022 / 5:19 pm

      Actually what people don’t realize is that long COVID or post COVID is a scenario that some people fail to factor. And this is debilitating. So I wouldn’t want it to just go on and transmit to everyone to get it over with.


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