Another record high and the data for 01.15.2022

The Health Agency has had no data drop for the last few days and of course are staying silent on this matter. After all, it is not an obligation of theirs and we will just need to trust them on the reliability and validity of information provided to the public. Like the positivity rate that has already reached close to 50%, the data is a blur and you cannot expect to provide validated proof that the pandemic is under control if you cannot vet the information.

The Health Agency announces 39,004 new cases (another record high) with the recoveries from the haul 10 days ago coming in. This is based on close to 79,000 tests done with a positivity rate of 47.1% last January 13. The mild and asymptomatic remain the bulk of the cases at the time of testing. The country will pass the 3.2M mark by tomorrow. Active cases are still above 280,000.

Additional 43 deaths are announced today.

The NCR accounted for 47% of todays cases – an almost 3% drop from yesterday, in spite of the 18,422 cases today. If the share continues decline, this is a sign that Mega Manila is peaking. Quezon City continued to lead the region with 3901 cases and Pasig came in second with 1829 cases, followed by the City of Manila with 1782 and Makati City with 1418.

Outside the NCR, CALABARZON is seeing a tremendous rise in cases as they come in second over-all nationally with 9401 cases. This is followed by Central Luzon with 3373, Western Visayas with 1027, Cagayan Valley with 1002, and Central Visayas with 976.

There are 121 ROF (returning overseas Filipinos) that were reported positive today.

Here is the updated data drop for today January 15, 2022:

By region:

Top 10 provinces: Cavite, Rizal, Laguna, Bulacan and Batangas seeing quadruple digits.

By top 20 LGUs with 14 of 17 LGUs in NCR in the top 20 and 8 of the NCR LGUs reporting quadruple digits:

The breakdown for NCR alone:


The IATF has also approved the following new guidelines in isolation, quarantine and testing. I hope they create a group chat among themselves in order to make sure that they have policies that align with various agencies of the government. For one, the Social Security System and Philhealth require that in order to make health and disability claims, one needs to demonstrate proof that one indeed was positive for SARS-CoV-2. That’s one reason why people flock to the testing sites because of this. It’s like one hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing and that is duplicity with our contributions provided to the government.

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