The highs and lows in the Asian region and the data for 02.06.2022

The Health Agency announces 8361 new cases today based on 38675 tests with 21.5% positivity rate (very high) done last February 4. Around 96% of these active cases were asymptomatic to mild at the time of testing. Total cases are now past the 3.6M mark.

Health care utilization rate remains at low risk in general.

The sad news – 312 additional deaths announced today.

NCR took the bulk of cases today with 1271 (15%) cases. This was led by Quezon City with 222 cases and the City of Manila with 201. Makati City was in their with 102. All other LGUs reported double digits except for Pateros that had 8 cases.

Outside of NCR, all other regions reported triple digits, led by Davao Region 792, Central Luzon with 782, CALABARZON 775, Western Visayas 764, and Central Visayas with 757 cases.

Davao City remained the LGU in the country with most cases owning 334 of the 792 cases in the region.

Among Returning Overseas Filipinos, 31 were reported positive today.


The cases in the Philippines continue the declining trajectory with a reproduction rate around 0.75 (+/- 0.05). Staying below 1.0 is a good indicator that the cases will continue to decrease this upcoming week in spite of the high positivity rate in the country. Note that many countries including Japan, Bangladesh, and Vietnam have positivity rates more than 20%. Thailand has a positivity rate at 15%. With the omicron surge, it is difficult to keep track on contract tracing and testing the general population.

As of February 4, the 7-day average of the Philippines is at 11,787 new daily cases and is expected to report quadruple digits the upcoming week. Deaths average 59 per day due to reconciliation of late reports as well.

Compared to ASEAN nations and select Asian nations (Japan, South Korea, and Bangaladesh), the Philippines is the only country with a Rt at <1.0. Indonesia is seeing the beginning of their omicron surge as their Rt is up at 2.36. The country currently has a 7-day average of 18,000 per day and has reported more than 33000 new cases in a single day on February 5, 2022. South Korea has an Rt at 1.71 as the country sees a daily average case at more than 22000. As a matter of fact, with the more than 36,000 cases in S. Korea yesterday, the country has passed the 1 million mark for COVID19 cases.

Japan, with an Rt of 1.15 is seeing seeing a 7-day average of 86,000 daily cases. It broke its record of hitting the 100,000 daily cases in the past days as it rapidly crosses the 3 million mark yesterday for COVID19 cases.

While Japan may be seeing the most number of cases in this part of Asia, it is Singapore that actually has the most cases per capita (based on population size). This tiny country with less than 6 million people, has a Rt of 1.55 and is seeing an average of 6000 new daily cases (1075 per million population). The past days, Singapore has been reporting more than 10,000 new daily cases.

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