Overall low to very low risk in most areas of the PH and the data for 03.09.2022

The Health Agency announces 580 new cases today with 110 deaths recorded today and a 3.3% positivity rate.

The data at doh.gov.ph and click on COVID-19 tracker for more information.

NCR accounted for 137 or 24% of the total cases for the day.

Prof. Guido David continues to drill down the data gathered from the COVID19 tracker of the Department of Health and on behalf of OCTA Research shows that the overall risk in the country is generally low.

Several areas in NCR, CALABARZON, Central Luzon, and Central and Western Visayas have continued to see declining numbers with several provinces seeing ADAR of <1.0 per 100,000. Reproduction rates remain very low, with health care utilization rate at very low risk as well. Only some areas remain to have higher ICU rates (but still considered low risk) like Bataan, Batangas, and Iloilo. Positivity rate is generally at an all time low in most regions including the National Capital Region whose positivity rate is at 3%.

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