598 new cases and 59 deaths on 03.11.2022

The Health Agency announces 598 new cases today, with 22178 individuals tested last March 10, 2022. With the targeted testing (only those A1, A2 and A3 are routinely tested) and no contact tracing done anymore, the testing have decreased as well. The World Health Organization provides guidance on interpreting lower cases as it may not reflect the real situation in the country. The numbers are likely underestimated especially if a milder form of the virus is circulating. The disease course is short and those who are fully vaccinated (and received a booster) may even be infected but asymptomatic (hence, not testing).

NCR led the haul with 149 (25%) of the today’s total cases.

Among the LGUs in the NCR, it was Quezon City that had the most cases (30), followed by the City of Manila (26), Makati (20), Taguig (15), Parañaque (12) and Pasay City (10). All other LGUs had single digit cases with Navotas and Pateros having ZERO COVID cases.

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