The week in review for Asia, the focus on China and the data for 03.13.2022

The Health Agency reports 564 new cases with 197 or 35% of the total cases coming from the NCR alone. There are 169 added deaths today.

The City of Makati had the highest cases today with 42, followed by the City of Manila with 28, Pasay City 24, Quezon City 21, Caloocan 19, Parañaque 14, Taguig 13, and Pasig 12. All other LGUs had single digit cases while Malabon and Pateros had ZERO Covid today.


South Korea is seeing more than 1M cases every 3 days. Vietnam is recording the same increment every 4-5 days. As the omicron surge continues to grapple many Asian nations, here’s a summary of how we and our neighbors did the last 7 days.

While South Korea reports a y-day average of close to 300K daily cases, it is Brunei that leads the group with 8472 seven-days average based on population size (per capita). The Philippines is at the bottom with 6.9 cases per million population.

Vietnam, S. Korea and Brunei will continue to see higher cases in the upcoming week as its Rt, although effectively slightly lower this week, is still at critical levels >1.2. The Philippines maintains its effective reproduction rate at 0.58, which essentially is a good sign. Meaning, we will still see continued declining numbers in the upcoming week. We close the week also with a 7-day average of 500 new daily cases in the PH.

The most bothersome indicator is death and Hong Kong is at the brunt of this problem. It has the highest deaths per million people at 35.75, while Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines are at <1 per million population.

With the shift in data, the Philippines moves quickly to 26th rank globally from a previous 21st spot, which it held onto since the start of the year 2022. South Korea climbs to 14th, Vietnam to 16th, Indonesia is in 17th, Japan in 19th, and Malaysia in 22nd spot. Thailand is at 33rd, Singapore in 60th and Hong Kong in 73rd rank.

While China is 124th in rank globally, and seems to have contained the pandemic there with its ZERO covid policy, the past week has been a challenge as it sees outbreaks in certain provinces. For the first time, China reported a daily high with 3,393 new cases on 03.12.2022. The previous day it had more than 1900 cases. All eyes should be focused in this country with a population of 1.4B as we watch and learn how they will and how they can overcome an omicron wave.

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