The low Tuesday and the data for 03.16.2022

It was a day late, but nevertheless, there is data. I personally think that the DoH should just continue with the COVID-19 tracker daily upload. After all, they will need to count the daily cases and because they will, in the spirit of transparency, all they need to do is to provide the daily report.

With that, the Philippines continues its low Tuesday as 393 new cases were added yesterday. There were 55 deaths added as well. Positivity rate for the 7-day average is down to 2.7% (and this should be taken with a grain of salt as testing and contact tracing is at an all time low in the country).

The NCR accounted for 29% of the cases for the day with all LGUs reporting less than 20 cases. Only 4 LGUs reported double digits – Quezon City 19, City of Manila 18, Pasay City 11 and Parañaque 10. All other LGUs had single digit with Pateros the lone LGU with ZERO COVID.

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