The week that was and the data for 03.28.2022

The summary for the week of March 21-27 continued to show the Philippines at very low risk for COVID19.

(1) Healthcare utilization is down to less than 17% for non ICU beds and at 15% for ICU utilization.

(2) Vaccination rate is slightly up with around 73% of the target population vaccinated and more than 75% of the A2 (senior citizens) vaccinated. More than 65.6M Filipinos residing in the PH are fully vaccinated, with a little more than 833,000 added the past 7 days. However, the booster vaccinations have not picked up with less than 300,000 getting the added booster vaccine the past week.

(3) There were 2726 new cases or a 7 days average of 389 daily cases reported from March 21-27, 2022. This was 24% lower than the cases reported the previous week. However, the decline in cases has slowed down. The good news, there were no severe and critical cases reported the past week. The bad news, 752 death were added (verified is the term used by the Health Agency) the past 7 days.

(4) Based on the Department of Health, of the 752 deaths, 107 occurred in march, 105 in February and 52 in January 2022. This is 35% of the total deaths reported for the past week. The remaining deaths were backlogs from August 2020 to December 2021. The majority of the deaths were from August to October 2021 with 326 (43.4%) occurring on those months alone. This was the start and peak of the delta wave in the country.

The Health Agency begins the week with 387 new cases and 15 added deaths. Of 15,784 individuals tested last March 27, 436 tested positive (2.8% positivity rate). The National Capital Region owned 40% or 156 of the cases today.

There were 8 LGUs in NCR that had double digits. They are: City of Manila 31, Pasay City 26, Makati 19, Quezon City 15, Taguig 14, Las Piñas 12, and Caloocan and Parañaque with 10 apiece.

Outside of NCR, the following provinces had double digits: Cavite 28, Rizal 11, Iloilo 16 (province 13, city 3), and Cebu 19 (province 15, city 4).

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