Positivity rate up at 1.7% and the data for 04.09.2022

The 7-day average positivity rate is up at 1.7% (from a previous 1.6%). While 0.1% may not matter to some, it does matter because it is the 7-day average (not the daily positivity rate). This means that the previous days, there were more people testing positive (based on the individuals tested). While it is still below the 5% acceptable positivity rate of the WHO, we need to make sure that positivity rate remains low. Remember, the Philippines does not do routine contact tracing anymore and that RT-PCR tests are prioritized to certain sectors.

The Health Agency reports 302 new cases and 70 added deaths today.

The National Capital Region owned 111 of the 302 cases today. It was Pasay City that led with 21 cases (and has the highest ADAR in the NCR at 3.91/100,000 population), with three other LGUs with double digits. They are: Manila 19, Caloocan 14, and Quezon City 12. All other LGUs report single digit numbers with Pateros reporting zero covid.

Outside of NCR, the following provinces/HUCs report double digits: Cavite 15, Laguna 13, Iloilo 16 (13 province, 3 city), and Davao City 19.

The multiple holidays and upcoming campaign sorties and election fever provide the best scenario for a possible increase in cases.

Gentle reminder to everyone: mask up, keep a distance, stay in well ventilated places, wash your hands always, get vaccinated if you have not and get a booster for those who are eligible (especially those with comorbids and the elderly population).

If you have ANY symptoms for COVID-19, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONGREGATE with other people. Stay home, and get tested.

We are still in the midst of a pandemic.

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